Talking 10 Pin

I’m sure that I’m teaching my grandmother to suck eggs here but this is meant to be the very basics of 10-pin bowling so here goes: you will need a ball, a lane, and the 10 pins, or skittles, that you aim at. All modern bowling alleys will score for you and ensure that the pins are set for each shot.

Each game lasts for 10 frames (each frame starts when all 10 pins are set in place). You get 2 balls to try and knock the pins over every frame (if you need them) but you might bowl a strike by knocking all 10 pins over with the 1st ball.

You get 1 point for each pin knocked over, bonus points for strikes and spares (explained in more detail later on) and the person with the highest score wins.

Some cold hard stats:

  • The lane is 60 feet from the “foul line”* to the “head pin”*and approximately 64 feet to the back row of pins.
  • The lane is between 41 1/2 and 42 inches wide from gutter to gutter.
  • the balls are all the same size but vary in weight from 6 to 16 pounds.

Simple right? The rest of this blog will be mainly tips on how to improve your bowling which we’ve collected from our regular bowlers here at Garioch Indoor Bowling Centre to pass along to you.

*technical terms which will be covered later